ACT Increasing in Popularity

The real news in Inside Higher Ed’s “ACT Scores Drop Slightly — Except for Asians” is not this year’s drop to 21.1 from 21.2 on a 36-point scale in. The real news, actually an ever-strengthening trend is the increasingly widespread use of the ACT, previously limited mainly to the Midwest. The highlights:

since virtually all colleges will accept either one, and then submit

  • Over the last five years, the ACT population has become more diverse.
  • “Increasing numbers of students in what best website that write essays have been SAT strongholds have
    a 9 percent increase from the previous year and a 21 percent increase

    the better score. Many college counselors say that students who do well
    from 2004.”

    • in high school courses but who don’t “test well” tend to do better on
      the ACT than on the SAT.”
    • “For the high school class of 2008, 1.42 million students took the ACT,
      been taking the ACT — although in many cases they take both tests,

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